The Team

We love building worlds


Tim Tryzbiak


Tim founded ootii and is working on Hallow's Deep full time. Having been part of a successful start-up, Tim decided to leave e-commerce and follow his dream of making games.


Creston Jamison


Creston works on Hallow's Deep part time and is the voice of reason for all the crazy things Tim comes up with.  He founded the game analytics service GameHud.


Brian Maricle

Character Artist

Working on Hallow's Deep part time, Brian currently works at EA Tiburon as a character modeler on the NBA Live team. He also has several side pursuits including film and games.




Rocket isnt actually our dog. I'm not even sure his name really is Rocket. But, he's cute and makes the rest of the team look like we're lovable. If I did have a dog, I'd name him rocket.

Who are we?

We're a "mini-indie" game developer looking to create exciting worlds and tell stories that pull you in. I say "mini-indie" because nowadays indie studios are super-funded by Kickstarter or other investors. That's not us.

We're a team of three: me, full-time, and two others working as time allows. Throughout our careers, we've built companies, software, and games. Between the three of us, we've created Facebook games, mobile games, and AAA titles, but this is us going out and trying to make something on our own.

We love RPGs like Baldur’s Gate and Planescape, but we also love action-adventure games like Tomb Raider. Our goal is to bring these two genres together in a new and exciting fantasy world.

Hallow's Deep is being funded out of our own pockets and with money we're making selling tools on Unity's Asset Store. We don't have much, but the cool thing is that we've got tons of passion and talent. We plan on sharing all of it with you as we go.

One of the things we hope is that you'll get involved. Tell us what you love about roleplaying games and action-adventure games. As we start to open up more about the world, we hope you'll become part of the team. We'd love to post your fan-fiction, ideas, and images.