Hallow’s Deep Magic #1


Hallow’s Deep Magic #1

In Hallow’s Deep, magic is very rare and there is no mana pool. When you’ve used it, it’s gone. So, it’s also going to be incredibly powerful and I want it to look amazing.

This week, I’ve started playing around with what it should look like. In my head, I imagine this wispy kind of phantasm. Imagine 1,000’s of tiny sparks coming together to created arrows, shields, creatures, etc. I knew I’d be dealing with particle effects, but I wasn’t really sure how to pull it off.

Enter Particle Playground. Within a couple of hours of purchase, I had something pretty close to what I imagined. As always, there’s still a ton to do. But, seeing things come alive on the screen is pretty amazing.

The right tool can be worth its weight in gold. That’s certainly true in this case.

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