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    Characters stats push out to card mini-game on iPhone, Android.
    In-game buffs reflect in mini-game.

    Weapons can be constructed from in-world items when certain skills, items, locations and persons have met.
    Weapons could be of random design and construction leading to mod-mayhem and uber-staff/wand/club posing.
    Creatures could attack people with best weapons first (heh, that’ll teach em to pose) but this could actually be a good “tank” strategy, going forward, and might work out a fun game mechanic (club swapping to defend the weak for example).

    “Legends” – creatures of the same race could spread “legends” about characters to creatures of the same race enabling information to pass in seemingly “invisible networks” behind the scenes. This is good for immersion and could be woven in plot/cut scenes/dialog/attack strategies/anything.

    Good luck with the game.



    Hey twobob,

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I really like the idea of constructing weapons as you mentioned. I love sandbox games and want to figure out how I can implement that kind of freedom in Hallow’s Deep. This could be a great start.

    As for “legends”, I’ve been thinking about something similar as I work on AI. I’ve implemented short-term and long-term memory and the ability to share memories with others. My hope is to create a work that reacts to what you do, but on a more individual level. Factions play a large role in this as well.

    Of course, lots to do and too little hours in the day.

    Thanks again for the great ideas!

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