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Hallow's Deep seeks to bring the excitement and action of adventure games like Tomb Raider and the role-playing elements of games like Baldur's Gate to an unforgiving world of magic and fantasy.

You'll follow the story of Laz, a Bellium Hunter familiar with the tunnels and ruins of the land, as he searches for the last remnants of the strange stone mages covet. Led by a whispering voice, Laz doesn't know that he's called into the mountain for a deeper purpose.

Explore the ancient cities of a forgotten time as you discover the secret behind bellium and a power that will change the world forever.



The world of Hallow's Deep is an unforgiving place and you'll need your wits to survive.

This isn't a world where you can run into a group of goblins and expect to dispatch them in seconds. The wounds you take and decisions you make have consequences. And magic, while powerful and beautiful, is rare. There are no mana pools that recharge. You either have the bellium needed to cast spells or you don't.

But, for all the struggles you're going to face, the goal of Hallow's Deep isn't to see how many ways you can be killed. Like any good story teller, our goal is to take you on a journey and you should have faith that we'll see you through to the end.


You'll take control of Laz, an experienced and stealthy ranger who is no stranger to combat. Fight, climb, crawl, and sneak your way past the dangers of the Silver Crest Mountains. These mountains, abandoned long ago, have become home to unspeakable evil, but hide a truth calling to be revealed.

As an RPG, Hallow's Deep allows you to grow Laz into the adventurer that you choose. Walk the way of shadows and take the denizens by surprise or lift your shield and charge forward. The choice is yours. But beware, "The Deep" is an unforgiving place.


As the mysterious voice leads you deeper into the mountain, it also comes with a gift. Using the power of possession, Laz can take control of living creatures and bend them to his will.

Play as Laz until you need the senses of a goblin or strength of a troll. Overcome their will and take complete control of them. Swat goblins aside or turn your foes against each other. In tight situations, leverage the size of the mouse to run along edges and into the cracks that reveal the dangers ahead.

Controlling Laz is just the beginning.