Hallow’s Deep Magic #1

In Hallow’s Deep, magic is very rare and there is no mana pool. When you’ve used it, it’s gone. So, it’s also going to be incredibly powerful and I want it to look amazing. This week, I’ve started playing around with what it should look like. In my head, I imagine this wispy kind of […]


Hallow’s Deep Combat #1

Combat in Hallow’s Deep will be along the lines of Batman Arkham. However, I want it to be tougher and a bit more engaging. So, enemies will be able to block and counter just as you do. Getting a hit in will be a matter of working past his¬†skills and avoiding mistakes. This is a […]


Hallows’ Deep AI

So, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. 2015 had me focusing on contract work, Unity Assets, and then migrating those assets to Unity 5. Now, with my coffers full (relatively speaking) and commitments honored, I’m focusing back on Hallow’s Deep. I thought video might be a bit more fun. So, here’s an early […]

Clothing Workflow

Clothing Workflow

Last week, I posted about the tools I’m using to create Lazarus and our characters. After posting, I started thinking about the clothes. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really sure where to start and I couldn’t find anything that talked about the process from start to finish. So, after diving in head first, smacking my head against […]

Creating Characters

Creating Characters

One of the things that amazes me about game development today are all the tools that exist to help indies build the games of their dreams. When you’re a small company working on a budget, you don’t always have the resources to hire out experts. These tools can help bridge that gap. With Brian getting […]

Very early combat tests

The Beginnings of Combat

Combat is one of the essential parts of Hallow's Deep and I really want to make sure we do it right. Unfortunately, that means that it's no easy task. When I started tackling combat, I started thinking about things like: How does the goblin know there's someone near by? How does he know if it's friend […]


AI: Attribute Modifiers and Factions

In the last post, I talked about data inheritance for the basis of my character attributes. After a week of using it, it's proven to work great and provided some additional benefits that I didn't expect. So, I've taken the basic construct and used it for factions, memories, and senses. In this post, I figured I'd […]

Game AI

Artificial Intelligence: Pieces and Parts

There's something really cool about watching creatures you create come to life. So, I'm excited to be at this part of Deep. It's the point where goblins, rats, and spiders go from static objects to living creatures. It probably goes without saying that competent AI is one of the more complicated parts of game development. […]


There Be Pirates Ahead!

In 2012, a study was done by Envisional that stated that pirated content accounted for 24% of all internet traffic. BitTorrent (one of the largest file-sharing / pirating services), saw 250 million monthly users that year on its own. That's massive.   Now, I'm not actually trying to turn this into a discourse on digital […]

Cave Details

Tunnel Details

They say "the devil is in the details". That's definitely true when it comes to laying out levels and creating atmosphere. Our goal with Deep is a more cautious dungeon crawl. We want it to be exciting and combat to feel fast paced, but as you're exploring the ancient tunnels, we also want the hairs […]