bellium, the source of magic, is all but lost and the world is in chaos.
deep in a forgotten mountain, an ancient secret lies in wait.

Chaos and violence reign as mages rage war for the last remnants of bellium to power their arcane arts. Afraid of losing their power, mages, priests, and war lords have laid waste to most of the land in search of the dwindling resource. The darkest of mages have let loose nightmarish creatures they can no longer control.

Adventurers known as Bellium Hunters scour ancient tombs and forgotten halls for any sign of bellium. Most don't return; lost in the deep tunnels where bellium was once found. For those that do return, profit and prestige awaits.

Laz knows the hunt well. Years of sneaking through crypts and fighting in tunnels has made him an experienced Bellium Hunter. He's seen the things hidden in the darkness and lived to tell about it. But, nothing could have prepared him for what lies waiting in the Hallow's Deep.


As Lazarus, you'll sneak, climb, and fight your way through the twists and turns of the Silver Crest mountains. Use your cunning and skills as a ranger to survive the traps and make it past the denizens of the under-mountain. As you search for the rare bellium, you'll learn the secrets behind the mysterious voice that is calling you deeper into the mountain.

Laz may start as a ranger, but you have the freedom to make him into the adventurer you want. Hone your stealth skills and assassinate your prey without ever being heard, charge headlong into battle, or use the bellium you find to weave threads of magic... the decision is yours.

Along the way, you'll learn that the wispering voice has given you a unique gift. Use your power of possession to control other living creatures around you and leverage their skills as your own.



Face deadly creatures in a fast-paced 3D action game where every health point matters. The wounds you take stay with you and danger lies around every corner. 


The under-mountain is a harsh and unforgiving place, but full of rare beauty. Sneak, jump, and climb your way through the collapsing mines, ancient tombs, and forgotten cities of the deep.


Grow Laz as you see fit through attributes and skills that you select. Hallow's Deep blends action game and RPG to bring exciting combat and interactions that react to the destiny you create.

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